What Is Deliberate Lit?

“70% of marketers plan to create more content in 2017.

50% will get less than 8 social shares.” – Jay Baer


If you’re producing content for the sake of content, it’s failing. Content should have intent. If you’re looking to pay pennies for keyword-stuffed content churned out by a content mill, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not a content mill, I’m a single person, so you know you’ll get a personalized post every time that connects with your customers—not a stock post pulled from a database.

You need content that produces real value for your customers and that will turn your loyal readers into action—and sales.

Audrey believes in content that is

  • Direct, fact-based
  • Thought-provoking
  • Provides real value
  • Engaging
  • Considers SEO without being click-bait

Liberate your business from drowning in the sea of content with Deliberate Lit.

Questions? I’m an open book.


About Audrey

cropped-image.jpegAudrey has been freelance writing for a variety of clients from literary journals to start-up tech businesses since 2012, and has spent the past 2 years writing content for Petra, a consumer electronics distributor. She’s published several short works of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry, and is currently working on a psychological literary novel for adults called FOGLESS.

Fiction and business writing are more intertwined than most people think—they’re both based on storytelling.

Your business has a story—

Your customers have a story—

People connect to stories.

And I am a professional storyteller.

Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, I put the same care and attention to crafting fresh, unique content—it’s all literature to me.


Social Media/Website/Blog Management & Digital Marketing Support

$26/hr for a set number of hours per week that you’re comfortable with.

Services include:

• Posting tweets, blogs, status updates
• Networking through following, liking, retweeting, and sharing relevant accounts/posts
• Sparking engagement through finding & sharing third-party articles/images/videos
• Sharing photos of your product/business & customer engagement with your product
• Photography for local clients (OKC Metro)
• Personal attention & communication throughout the process
• A manager focused on engaging YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS

Don’t have an account or don’t know what you need to get started? I can help with that too!

Especially for Indie Authors

$26/hr or $75 per piece of content
(Fixed price includes research—If you’ve done you’re own, we can talk about a lower rate)

Blurb writing including hot keywords and keyword research for your hidden keywords
This means I’ll strategically include keywords in the blurb and provide additional keywords for you to implement in the keyword section when you publish.
Fiction writers understandably want to focus on their fiction, not their blogging chore that they only do to build their platform. The competition for online content can be overwhelming, and if you’re not aware of SEO, keywords, importance of headlines, and writing valuable content that search engines will point to organically, the time you’re spending toiling over your blog is not efficient. I can also provide direction on what topics to blog about that will resonate with your audience if you are new to blogging.
Beta reading & critique


*Rates vary from $0.15/word or $26/hr depending on project and level of research required*

  • Marketing content
  • Article writing
  • Blogging
  • Web content
  • Copywriting


*Simple proofreads are $0.05 per word. Larger content edits are $0.1 per word*

  • Non-fiction books with special interest in subjects of psychology, philosophy, or social issues
  • Fiction including short stories and novels of all genres with a special interest in literary, fantasy, and thriller works
  • Web content
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Academic essays (MLA or APA)
  • Proofreading



Marketing Content:

B2B marketing content, web content, scrips, product descriptions, magazine copy, and blogs for Petra.com:

Articles for DoorwaysArizona.com:

Blogs for ValleySleepCenter.com:

Articles for Yoga.com

Editorial review for The Bible Is Not Great: The Truth About the Bible, Religion, and God

Guest articles for Superbious.com:

Articles for FillYourPlate.org:

Marketing copy, email blasts, and social media marketing for Niko Niko

Creative Works:

 Editing Experience:


Have a project you need help with? I am currently accepting new clients. Let me know what you’re looking for.