About Audrey Lentz

cropped-image.jpegI’m a writer living in Oklahoma City. I write fiction, poetry, and freelance marketing content. Sometimes I write calligraphy.

Much of my fiction and non-fiction writing focuses on mental health and psychology. I enjoy fiction the most when it explores the complex internal worlds of characters’ thoughts and behaviors, and how that affects their experiences and perceptions. I love the angst of the mundane—the anguish of misunderstood characters and the struggle for connection. Stories for the sake of story rarely interest me if they don’t reveal something deeper about our existence. This is what I love to read and what I love to write.

I have always been fascinated by the workings of the mind—what makes us different and also the same—but I became even more interested in mental health when I began psychotherapy five years ago to deal with trauma in my past. The ways in which we can delude ourselves, unearth things we didn’t know were there, and take control of improving our lives—all with just our thoughts—fascinates me. This fascination and desire to give others the tools I’ve learned are two of my main motivations for writing, as well as, like all writers—the compelling, uncontrollable urge to tell stories.

I have published several short works of fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry, and am currently searching for representation of my first novel, a literary magical realism for adults called A Meek Madness, which deals with similar themes of mental health and dangerous psychology, personified in magical ways.

I freelance write marketing content for a variety of clients from literary journals to independent authors and small businesses. I also guest blog and ghostwrite short fiction.